If You Died Today What Would The World Lose?

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13 months ago I sat in a Starbucks across from my friend Joe. We talked about the projects we’d been working on and how they were progressing.I told him my plans for Tactical Talks and some other projects that are currently in the works. At this point, my website had been sitting on blocks. It was “live” but had zero content on the … Read More

The Simple Way To Get People To Help And Support You

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I used to think it was good enough to buckle down and “do it myself.” For everything.From projects to personal problems, I’d always keep them confidential. No matter what, I’d try to figure things out on my own—even if it meant avoiding the person I knew could solve my problem with a single question.I realize now that I’ve been going about it the … Read More

Why Fear Is Good For Public Speaking (It’s Outrageous)

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I’m sure you’ve heard that people fear public speaking more than death.  Lately I’ve been hearing that it’s a bogus stat, but that’s beside the point. The fact that the two get compared at all gives the fear of public speaking a serious legitimacy.Just to be clear of what were talking about, it also gets called glossophobia, speech anxiety, or even “performance anxiety.” … Read More

Do You Take Books For Granted?

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  The only books I had voluntarily read before the age of 26 were the first six books in the Harry Potter series. I never got around to the final one. Someday though, Harry. Anyway, do you read books? I think that collectively, as humans, we don’t value books as much as we should. After all they’re just a bunch … Read More

The Most Neglected And Overlooked Detail When Setting Goals

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It’s early in the year. You’re fired up right? I hope so, because it’s barely the end of week one! You’ve probably been seeing articles all over the place about setting goals in 2016. Stomach one more? For me? Please… Thanks! You’re too kind. Okay, chances are you’ve at least made an attempt at setting some goal for this year. … Read More