Do You Take Books For Granted?

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The only books I had voluntarily read before the age of 26 were the first six books in the Harry Potter series. I never got around to the final one. Someday though, Harry.

Anyway, do you read books?

I think that collectively, as humans, we don’t value books as much as we should. After all they’re just a bunch of pages bound together into a paper quesadilla (or an E-quesadilla). And the other thing is that they seem to resemble work—it ain’t gonna read itself!

Do me a favor. I want you to take a minute to think about what a book really is. I’ll give you a hand. 

Somebody had to pick a topic they knew something about. And in order to be knowledgeable about something, what is required? Time and experience, usually obtained over the span of years. Likely a chunk of passion. Then, they had to get their thoughts down onto paper and then make them as focused and concise as possible.

By reading a book you basically get to inject someone’s entire skill set into your head. Sure, experience is required to become an expert in any subject, but a knowledge foundation shortens that learning curve tremendously.

Not Just A Book

I guess what I’m saying is: a book is not just a book.

It is life. It is time. It is pain. It is struggle. It is knowledge. It is money invested. It’s fear that has been overcome. It is intense thought. It is a creation of innovative ideas. It is passion. It is perseverance. It’s vulnerability. It’s risk. It’s value. It solves a problem—and will continue to serve people as long as it exists.

It’s like being able to sit down with a mentor and have them divulge everything they know about a topic, including what to avoid so you don’t make the same mistakes they did. That’s powerful.

Here’s another way I think about it. Perhaps I am walking down a hiking trail and about 34 ft. in, I fall into a trench and shatter my femur bone. And while I’m down there I write a book intended for people taking this very same trail. Guess what I’m going to include in that book? That’s right: “THERE’S A HIDDEN TRENCH 34 ft. INTO THIS HIKING TRAIL…GO AROUND OR FIND A NEW PATH!”

Without that amazing trail book, you could have suffered the same fate. You see what I mean? Information is a powerful tool.

You: “But wait Matt…aren’t you about to release a book? This seems a little self-serv…” (A thunderous backhand stings the right side of your face) “Ouch Matt! Why’d you do that for?”

Me: “I know it may seem that way. Okay it is. In fact, go sign-up for it now while it’s still free. But so what, even if this article is a little self-serving, it doesn’t change what a book really is. Here’s some ice to keep the swelling down. See, I’m a nice guy. Tell your friends!”

So, for the next book that you read (mine?), remember these words: A book is not merely a book with an extremely attractive price tag. A book is a syringe filled with knowledge. Will you inject yourself?


P.S. It’s getting real. Launch date is this Sunday (1-24-16). It took a while to get to this point, but I have no regrets.

I am 100% convinced of the book’s value in helping you overcome the fear of public speaking and to become a better communicator overall. The feedback from the beta-readers has confirmed.

If just the thought of public speaking triggers an “away-response,” as in, you can’t see yourself doing it even though you’d like to, sign-up to get this book. It’s free so you’ve got nothing to lose. There’s a lot to gain though.

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