Public Speaking Anxiety: Fear The INSTANT Fix!

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Whenever you see someone offering INSTANT tips and tricks for overcoming the fear of public speaking, please do me a favor. Be vigilant. Extend your B.S. antenna and jab it squarely into the chest of the messenger. It’s non-sense. There is no magic pill that you can catapult down the hatch and in an instant be cured. There are methods that work, methods … Read More

When “Easy” Is Dangerous

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Procrastination is much easier than work, don’t you think? Let’s see…couch or strain my brain? Hmmm. Tough decision.  Let’s face it, we all procrastinate at least sometimes. But the one thing that makes procrastinating even easier, is procrastinating on something we perceive as being “easy.” Because, you know, we can finish it right quick.   A couple of personal experiences that … Read More

Not Having One Will Make Overcoming The Fear Of Public Speaking Stupid Difficult!

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When you take on the fear of public speaking, you don’t truly know what you’re up against until you actually do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pile of muscles like Schwarzenegger or a Navy SEAL, public speaking can bring the toughest people to their knees.  To top it off, in contrast to a child who soaks things up … Read More

Do You Need A Freaking Break?

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Sometimes we need a break. Sometimes our lazy lizard-brain makes us only think we need a break. Then there are times that we need a break yet fight against it. The real skill is determining which is which.  Look, I’ll be completely honest, I can’t guarantee that after reading this post you’ll be able to determine which is which. I’m not … Read More

Balance Is A Bunch Of Mumbo Jumbo…But Here’s Why You Need It

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“Balance” is a word that gets tossed around a lot. Every life coach, guru, and tree hugger preaches balance. It’s abstract and damn near meaningless in any context other than balancing two pieces of mass.  With that said, I’d be a lying idiot if I told you it didn’t matter.  At the start of the year I recall staying up one night writing … Read More

An Ugly, Straightforward Way To Live Happier

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I finally found the secret to a happy life, and even a happy world. Get your pad and pen ‘cause you’re going to want to write this down.Oh…my…god (in my best valley girl voice)! It’s so incredible!Here goes.The secret to a happy life is…Get ready……being productive.Can you say anticlimactic? Sorry. I told you it was ugly. I’ll cue up the … Read More

Bet You Didn’t Know The UFC Treats Its Audience Like This…

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The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) knows how to put on a show.  When they host events outside of the U.S., they go out of their way to pack the fight card with fighters from the home country.A perfect example was the fight card held over the weekend in Ontario, Canada. One of the fighters from the main event was from, you guessed it, Canada.In fact, from … Read More

The Simple Way To Get People To Help And Support You

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I used to think it was good enough to buckle down and “do it myself.” For everything.From projects to personal problems, I’d always keep them confidential. No matter what, I’d try to figure things out on my own—even if it meant avoiding the person I knew could solve my problem with a single question.I realize now that I’ve been going about it the … Read More