Why You Don’t Need To Burn Yourself With Hot Coals To Build Confidence

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Thanks for watching! Please share or I’ll throw hot coals at you!  About this guy… Howdy! My name is Matt Kramer and I used to suffer excruciating death when speaking in front of a group, now I LOVE it. Overcoming this fear has changed my life. In less than a year since, I’ve started this website, Tactical Talks, competed and … Read More

Tactical Tip #2 – Well, sort of…

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Okay…This Tactical Tip doesn’t have much to do with public speaking except that it was a lesson I learned in perseverance… I’m pretty dang sore right now. It’s not as easy as it used to be. Basically, I was hanging out on a nice Sunday afternoon and decided to have some fun.       Be Sociable and Share! – Below are … Read More