Avoid Overwhelming Yourself By NOT Doing This

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Have you ever wanted to master a skill only to run into someone else who was enormously better at it than you were? Chances are you have. I have.

What effect did this have on you?

Did you feel overwhelmed or say to yourself, “I’ll never be that good”? Did you want to give up? There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you did. I had those very same thoughts when I first wanted to learn the art public speaking.

Seeing so many others doing it with ease (at least what they showed on the outside) and knowing inwardly how hard it was for me, it was tough to swallow. Thankfully I didn’t give up; there were endless reasons to do so (in my head). I don’t want you to give up either.

Of course, it’s insanely silly after analyzing it. When we start something, we’re noobs. Brand new. Obviously there will be people more talented and more experienced than us.

Comparing ourselves to a pro at that stage is unfair. Also, it’s dangerous thinking because the early stages of anything are when we’re most vulnerable to negativity and the art of quitting.

It’s similar to when we get overwhelmed by a HUGE task that awaits us. But, if we break it down into small steps, it’s much more manageable. My buddy Joe Rodriguez says this, “The impossible can be broken down into possibilities.” I like that.

We must do the same thing. We must go at our own pace and throw out the rest.

Don’t compare your progress to anyone else’s—at all.

You are you. You are on your own path. No one’s life is the same as yours and nobody’s journey will be the same either.

You set yourself up for failure if you compare yourself to someone who clearly is more experienced than you are. We’ve got to start somewhere, right?

Go easy on yourself and continue learning at your own pace. Block the urge to compare. You got this.


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P.S.S. – NEW BABY and an INTERESTING STORY. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to get this post out on Thursday like I always do…but sometimes our lives don’t always go as planned. On Wednesday I went with my wife to her doctor’s appointment and our doctor sent us straight to the hospital. It was baby time. This was at 10 AM.

As a matter of fact, during all this the shooting in San Bernadino, CA was happening just 2 miles from where we were at. All of the victims were being brought to the ER at the same hospital we were at. And if that wasn’t enough, the hospital got a bomb threat and they were doing a head count on all non in-patients (myself included). A needless tragedy and a crazy series of events.

But, there was a bright spot, at 12:51 AM on December 3rd, Matthew Dean Kramer was born. Here’s a picture I took just moments after he entered this world. baby kramer


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