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WARNING: Today’s post is going to be all over the place. Give yourself an electrical IV with the refrigerator power cord and try to keep up.

What is life to you?

Why the hell are we on this dirt encrusted boulder? What’s the point? Why should we get up in the morning every day and do stuff? Why are things alive? Why do flowers grow? Why do we have this magical energy flowing through our bodies? We can see things for crying out loud. Hear things. Smell things. Feel things. Touch things. Read things (and I thank you for that). You get the picture

Do our lives mean anything? Are we supposed to do something special? After all, there are so many of us. We aren’t what you’d call a rare breed.

In fact, there are so many perspectives on what life is all about. How can they be so different?

Children know the secret to life

And then there are children. Those little people just do things, am I right? Who knows what they think…They’re curious balls of life and they do what their heart desires. They know how to liveThey can’t quite explain things well enough at that age to be able to pass along the secrets of life. Sadly, we can only observe.

Where does that magic disappear to as we get older? We were once children, too. Do you remember?

With that being said, do we chase things in life that we truly want? Money, houses, prestige, etc…are we sure that we want those things? Have you ever thought about it?  

I’m not going to lie and say I’m above all that. I’m not. I’d like to have my ass covered in the financial game, too. This is the world we live in. But, I’m not one hundred percent convinced that all those things in life that we strive for are truly our own desires. Have we been convinced to want things? Have we been molded into obedient citizens and then submerged into a lifelong rat race?   

What is success to you?

Success. What does success mean to you? Your cumulative things? Again, I must mention this, I love things too! I’m firmly planted in this world just as you are, and I have no regrets.

The more I think about life though, the more things get dropped from my “wants” list—emphasis on things.

I can wish I had been dealt this hand or that hand, but you know what? Lately I’ve been lovin’ life. Who would have thought that life could be so exhilarating? Things such as failure, embarrassment and the stupid nuances of life.

Comfort sucks

And what’s more is it’s at a time in my life that I’ve put myself out on the vulnerability chopping block. Screw comfort. I don’t want to be comfortable anymore. I don’t want to have my decisions directed by fear. I want to be in control…the control to say, “Yes, I would love to be thrown into the fire.” I want to be burned. I want to be beaten. I want to fail. I want to be verbally assaulted. I want to be told I can’t do something. I love it.

Comfort is the enemy dammit! So seductive. It’s the devil meant to keep our asses in check; that which forces us back in line and who tells us to “Shut up!” and continue merely existing. Merely breathing. Pretending that life is GREAT! GRAND! WONDERFUL! [thanks Chris Farley and Billy Madison movie.]

Well, I’m not going to stand for it anymore. I’m sick of boring comfort. I’m sick of worrying about what people will think if I make a mistake. I am sick of my life being dictated by other people. Or rather, dictated by my own thoughts and assumptions of what other people’s thoughts were about me. Ludicrous, right?

There’s no such thing as the “right” time

We all have thoughts of clarity at times. We all get glimpses of hope. But perhaps it’s the dangerous thought of “I’m not ready yet” or “I need to do this, that, and a few other things before the time is right to act. Yeah. I’ll definitely do it then, though.”

There’s no such thing as the “right” time. There will always be something that keeps us from advancing. An excuse that needs to be overcome. A recent one for me was, “I don’t have a blog up and ready yet, so how can I write blog posts?” Well gee Matt, maybe with your keyboard and a blank Word document you jerk-off. Sheesh.


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But I’m ready now. Hate on me plenty world. Please. Right now. I’m a cold butter knife laboring into a block of cold Country Crock butter. One day, though, I’ll be an open flame scorching the butter factory (it’s just a metaphor Mr. NSA analyst, nothin’ to see here).

It’s such a powerful feeling I tell ya. So much so, that I want to help people develop confidence and along with it, a means to communicate through public speaking.

I told you this was going to be all over the place 🙂

And I don’t regret a word of it.

Get out there and get uncomfortable. Confidence is an asset, and public speaking is a hell of a way to invest.


P.S. UPDATE: The audiobook version of my upcoming book is being compiled by the sound mixer guy. And a little secret about the narrator, he’s got a cool British accent, so it’s going to sound all smart and stuff. FYI: Next month is my target month for the book’s release.

Oh yeah, in case I didn’t mention, the audiobook will be FREE! The eBook is…you guessed it…FREE as well—as long as you sign up before next month’s release. That’s what I’d like to call a “free lunch.” Go here and sign up.

The long journey is extremely close! Thanks for riding along with me.


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