Public Speaking Presents: The Currency of Confidence

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Confidence can be gained from public speaking. A whole lot of it.

It’s built by persistently putting yourself in the spotlight, or put another way, throwing yourself to the starving wolves as often as possible. There’s no doubt that you’ll gain confidence with public speaking as your tool.

But, these new found guts, are they only good for public speaking?


The answer is a fat ass NO. 


The confidence gained is universally applicable. You can apply it to all things in life that give you uncomfortable, gut wrenching butterflies in your solar plexus. You know what I’m talking about…

You’ll be more assertive (the healthy kind, not that of a provocateur…unless that’s your intent) everywhere you go.

Attending parties or social events where you don’t know anyone won’t be as awkward as before, because you’ll be able to talk to those scary strangers. Again, you know what I’m talking about…where you just keep to yourself or stick close to the people you do know? Or maybe that was just me. Whatever.

Even talking to random people at the grocery store or the gas station, it simply won’t be as abnormal as it sometimes can be. The resistance or reluctance will no longer be there. You gain a little more freedom to be you.

Getting pulled over by [Enter Your City]’s Finest? No problem! Confidently and coolly tell ’em, “I don’t answer questions” and follow it up with a confident ass whoopin (you on the receiving end of course).

Not impressed?

Alright then, here’s a really serious and valuable one: Confidence to go after your bliss. The thing in life that you want to go after. Now that’s a tough decision to make when you’re shackled by life’s obligations in the present (bills and jobs!). It’s hard to simply change your life course in an instant. It takes CONFIDENCE…and a little bit of courage perhaps. Or maybe courage comes first? Okay, a little sidetracked, sorry.

These examples may seem insignificant or, they may not. However, I can assure you the police baton is no laughing matter.


Let me throw out one recent example that had me going “WHAT THE F#@$” afterwards. A little over three months ago a friend of mine sent me an e-flyer for an improv workshop being held at a local comedy club. They were charging $10 to either watch or be involved. So what you ask?

Okay…here’s the kicker…I got in my car and went. No hesitation. No internal debate while lying in the fetal position. I just jumped in my car and drove down to the place.

Did I do great at it just because my experience with public speaking? Hell no. I bombed like a Boeing B-52 war plane. A couple of scenes I was held afloat (barely) by some experienced improv-oisseurs. But that’s beside the point smart ass.


On the drive home I was thinking about the experience, mainly how fun it was, and then it hit me like a drunk driver. The thought of myself from 2 years earlier crossed my mind…There is no EFFING way I would have even considered going to an improv workshop, not a chance in the helliest of hells. I would have read the title of that original e-flyer, deleted it from my inbox, and then thrown my computer out the window for good measure.

I’m telling you. Getting involved in public speaking can change your life. Your path. Your whatever. Things that would have seemed ludicrous to you in the past might just be within your grasp.

How much freedom you want depends on how far down the rabbit hole you’re willing to go–or how much discomfort you’re prepared to seek.

And remember, comfort makes cowards of us all.



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