Toastmasters Championship Speech Breakdown: Lance Miller

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New Speech Breakdown for the 2005 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking, Lance Miller!This was an exciting speech with a lot of interesting data. It is NOT like most of the winning speeches from the past few years–extremely unique. ​Full speech transcriptSpeech statistics (Word count, time of speech, title)​LPM (Laughs Per Minute)Use of “You” focused words versus “I/Me” focused wordsFoundational Phrase … Read More

A Breakdown Of The 2016 Public Speaking Championship Speech

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I recently came across a breakdown of the 2016 World Champion of Public Speaking’s winning speech. Overall, it was a good, easy to consume article. However, I wanted to chop it up even more to reveal the power elements that go into a championship-worthy speech. With that, I decided to do my own surgical breakdown that would make a surgeon smile. If you … Read More