Analyzing The Top 3 Finalists From 2017 Toastmasters Speech Contest

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Today, for the 2017 Toastmasters Speech Contest, I’m doing something I’ve never done before… Normally, I break down ONLY the winning speech—you know, the one given by the speaker that gets the lucrative title, World Champion of Public Speaking.That’s obviously not a terrible idea, but there’s an unfortunate axiom for all things competitive, and that is…history only remembers the victor. Today I’m … Read More

This Is What I Call The Speech Contest Hangover

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The past four weeks we’ve gone on a journey! The Toastmasters speech contest Journey to be exact.Now that the contest is long gone, what now? Fair question.  Today I’m going to share with you how I felt after the contest ended. I call it the contest hangover, but don’t get it twisted. Don’t confuse it with an alcohol-induced hangover, the opposite in fact.   Simply … Read More

My Experience In A Toastmasters Speech Contest – Part 1

Matt KramerOvercoming Fear, Public Speaking

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Some days suck. We’ve prepared our speech, we’re ready to go, but for some reason our mind and body start to go all wacky. We feel physically weak. All the negative “what-ifs” start flickering about. These are the days we silently wish would never come. This happened to me on the day of the Toastmasters club speech contest for the Toastmasters International Speech Contest—the starting point in an … Read More

Public Speaking: Make Time For Timing

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  It is extremely important that you time your presentations. It’s both a courteous thing to do, and it shows that you give a damn. Besides, you’ve probably been given a slot of time with which to work. It’s best not to exceed it. Perhaps you’ve heard that when you prepare for your talk, you should plan for possible laughter or … Read More