Public Speaking: Have You Ever Thought This?

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  I call it the “Why the heck am I doing this?” feeling. The feeling that would appear when it was dangerously close to presentation time. These used to beat the hell of out me. It would start about two hours before I knew I’d have to give a speech. I’d question it all. What was I thinking agreeing to speak? … Read More

You Should Go Before Your Next Presentation

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No, I don’t mean go to the bathroom. Actually, you probably should…separate issue though. What I mean is that you should go to your special place. Do you have one you can take yourself to at a moment’s notice? A place that does not allow the intrusion of worry or fear? It’s a high-powered tool to have in your arsenal of life. The … Read More

Tactical Talks – The Beginning!

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  First off, let me start out by telling you who this website is NOT for: It’s not for people who are perfect. It’s not for those who are oblivious to their internal thoughts and fears about public speaking or any other challenges that stretch their comfort zones. It’s not for those mythical souls who don’t fear public speaking…or claim … Read More