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“You can’t please everybody.” Have you heard that before?
I have. It’s accurate. There are many different tastes, preferences, perspectives, values, morals, standards, etc.

Here’s why this is important. When you decide to put yourself “out there,” you open yourself up to criticism and people’s opinions—and they have every right to offer them. Usually opinions and harsh criticism can hurt you deeply, depending on your mindset toward it. It’s completely normal.

But there is something you can do to make it hurt less. Just enough relief so you can move past it.  

Recently I wrote and submitted an article to a fairly large publication. It was rejected faster than a ____________ . [Fill the in blank with something witty or really fast like a fighter jet or something. It’s like IKEA for jokes, but you gotta build your own punchlines.]

Basically, in the nicest, canned email sorta way, they said, “it sucks and we don’t want it!” Or that’s at least how my ego and I took it.

So, I did  something with that very same article. You know what I did? I submitted it to another publication. Guess what? They published it within 48 hours…

Keep in mind that these are very similar publications with a similar audience. It all came down to perspective.

It was a perfect example of “you can’t please everybody.” And that’s why I want to share this with you. It’s going to happen to you at some point (if it hasn’t already) and you may end up with a damaged ego.

I don’t want you to get discouraged though. Instead, why not think about how you can re-purpose your message for another audience?

Maybe you’re in your early twenties and recently you gave a speech to a retirement home, yet your message was about how to play full contact flag-football with a Tyrannosaurus rex. Sure, they showed occasional signs of life (motioning to the nursing staff to take you out), but clearly they weren’t interested in what you had to say. Perhaps they booed you and threw their cup of pills at you to end your miserable presentation.

So what? Instead of beating yourself up, how about you find the right audience? Or just go to the retirement home across the street. You never know.

What I’m telling you is that, you’re not ALWAYS going to be the problem. Sometimes you just have to find the right fit.

Do me a favor and at least give it another shot at another spot, before sending it to the ___________. [Hurry! Fill in the blank with something that rhymes with “shot” and “spot” but means the same thing as trash can.]

Find your audience.

That’s it…

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Just like that huge orange text says. In just 9 days (ALREADY HERE!!) my book will be released. I’m excited. You’re excited. We’re ALL excited!

First off, let me tell you what the book is not. It is not a promotional book that offers 5% value and 95% fluff. You’re not going to see a link to a product or website on every darn page, so please get that thought outta your head.

The ideas in the book are what I honestly wish I would have known before giving public speaking a shot. I am confident that you will find it a valuable resource in overcoming the fear of public speaking, and to become a more tactical communicator as well.

But in order to benefit from its contents, you must get it. Do me a friendly favor and get it here.

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