Find An Audience Who Gives A $h!#

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“You can’t please everybody.” Have you heard that before? I have. It’s accurate. There are many different tastes, preferences, perspectives, values, morals, standards, etc. Here’s why this is important. When you decide to put yourself “out there,” you open yourself up to criticism and people’s opinions—and they have every right to offer them. Usually opinions and harsh criticism can hurt … Read More

Pain’s A Pal

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  I hated the feeling I got when I knew I was just moments away from having to stand in front of a room full of people and say…stuff. Public speaking. Scary to even think about, right? I dreaded doing it. I almost packed it in 7 months after joining Toastmasters (a sort of workshop dedicated to helping you become a … Read More

Bet You Didn’t Know The UFC Treats Its Audience Like This…

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The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) knows how to put on a show.  When they host events outside of the U.S., they go out of their way to pack the fight card with fighters from the home country.A perfect example was the fight card held over the weekend in Ontario, Canada. One of the fighters from the main event was from, you guessed it, Canada.In fact, from … Read More

Only Talk To ONE Person In The Audience & Forget Everyone Else!

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There are hundreds of techniques designed to calm your nerves before a speech.Many are unique, if not border-line stupid, such as sliding a rubber band on your wrist to self-mutilate when you sense anxiety creeping up (the pain is meant to distract you from the fear). Interesting…Well, a big reason public speaking creates a butterfly mating ground in our stomach is … Read More

Reading Your Audience

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Have you ever seen an audience member with a stone-cold face? Expressionless and even borderline indignant? This is quite common. And while the title of this post is Reading Your Audience, another title that would work is Don’t Read Too Much Into Your Audience’s Expressions. Seeing faces like that instantly makes you think that they are not enjoying your speech or … Read More