Not Having One Will Make Overcoming The Fear Of Public Speaking Stupid Difficult!

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When you take on the fear of public speaking, you don’t truly know what you’re up against until you actually do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pile of muscles like Schwarzenegger or a Navy SEAL, public speaking can bring the toughest people to their knees.  To top it off, in contrast to a child who soaks things up … Read More

You Have To Do This If You Want To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking

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Do you really want to overcome the fear of public speaking? Like for real, for real? Or just kinda sorta wanna? Let me tell you a little secret: your chances of overcoming the fear of public speaking without speaking in front of a real audience is almost zero.Information alone ain’t gonna cut it. Then again, neither will “just do it” suffice. Unless … Read More

Stop Letting Your Critic Treat You Like Trash

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The fear of public speaking is very real. I’ve covered the fear extensively over the past couple years and this year won’t be any different. One significant reason that facing up to the fear (and eventually overcoming it) remains a hardcore adversity is a fierce internal critic. The inner judge varies in jerkishness from person to person, but in each of … Read More

Do You Fear Public Speaking? You Should Probably Know About The Confidence Hat…

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Confidence: What exactly does that mean? It’s always been an ambiguous word to me, in line with the likes of “success” or “business orientated technical solution mechanisms.” Used so much we’ve developed a blindness to it—a worn out cliché riding on the coattails of its former self. That’s all it ever was to me. And why not? It’s not a physical, tangible … Read More

The Secret To Learning ANY New Skill

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​The new site is officially LIVE!!! That is, if I don’t screw something up soon…  You’ll notice right away that the header is different… Now that’s some serious changeeeee! Stylistically and functionally it may seem about the same, but looks can be deceiving. Expect some new additions soon.  I must admit, this has been a technical nightmare having to switch my … Read More

Stop Waiting For Permission From The Gatekeeper

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At what point is it “okay” to start on your path? Your “path” could be a professional speaker, an author, a teacher, a coach, or just about anything you want to do. Have you ever been told that you “need” to do X, Y, and Z before you can start something? Usually these rules and regulations are promoted by gatekeepers. A gatekeeper could be … Read More