14 Specific Reasons To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking

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14 reasons fear of public speaking tactical talks matt kramer benefits

It’s hard to see the value in some things, and especially things that have to do with self-improvement.

The concept is vague at best. In the case of public speaking, one might say to himself, “Okay, so I’ll be able to speak more awesomer in front of an audience? Hmm. Sounds lucrative. But what good would it do me in my life as it stands currently, and who the hell would I speak to?”

Give or take a cuss word or two and that’s more or less what somebody thinks. It truly is difficult to show someone the value of personal development skills. There are testimonials that others can share of how their lives were changed. Effective to a degree, sure. There’s also Billy Mays, well, not anymore unfortunately.

I’m no pitchman like Billy, but dammit, I know the benefits. So, today we're going to go through a list of 14 specific, tangible benefits that you can get as a result of overcoming your fear of public speaking.

1. Sales Presentations

If you do sales, one to one, or give presentations to groups, overcoming your fear of public speaking will make your presentations more effective. Confidence doesn’t go unnoticed when it comes to selling. All I can say is, remember Billy Mays.

tactical talks public speaking fear matt kramer

I'm sure they're on their way...

2. Lead The Congregation!

Do you hold a leadership position in your church? Pastor, bishop, minister, or other biblical title? Whether your job is to educate, inspire, persuade, or all of the above, you will benefit from getting full control of your speech anxiety. This guy knows what I'm talking about: 

3. Teach

Do you currently teach? If so, do you cope (suffer) with anxiety each time you have to stand in front of the class to speak? Or perhaps a better question is, do you want to teach but are currently unable to because of fear? Do you want to do something about it?

teaching public speaking tactical talks matt kramer fear

"Put your hand down young lady!" - Irate Teacher

4. Become A Paid Speaker

Some people aspire to become a professional speaker. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to blab? The only way you can even start on this mission is to confront, and smash, your fear of public speaking. This is kind of important for this profession.

5. Become A Statesman!

Tired of the direction the country is going? I'm sure you can think of a million reasons why. What better way to get your message out there than by speaking to the constituency? Get out there and passionately share your ideas, just be sure to back them up with facts and stuff.

Ron paul matt kramer tactical talks public speaking fear

Stop making sense Ron!

6. Market Your Business

Get the word out about your business. Educate people on what problems you can solve. Speak at rotary clubs or other local events. Why not coordinate your own speaking event?

7. Entertainer

Do you wish to sing? Become a comedian? Play a musical instrument? Ventriloquist? Smash watermelons? I’m sure there are many more. Why not start with public speaking to clear the anxiety cobwebs?


8. Assert Yourself

Has anyone ever casually cut in front of you while in line at a Starbucks? Perhaps you didn’t want to deal with confrontation so you “let it slide”—inwardly you were fuming. Have you ever wanted to talk to that girl or guy but the fear of rejection held you back? The confidence bestowed upon you by overcoming the fear of public speaking would give you the courage to speak up in situations like these. Matt Damon demonstrates in the video below...

9. Wedding

Have you ever been asked to give a speech as the best man or best woman? I’ve seen some sad ones in my day. Mine was nothing to brag about either although I think I had a good joke. You wouldn’t want to disappoint your best friend or sibling because of nervousness would ya? Strive for something like this guy if you do get the opportunity: 

10. Share Memories At A Funeral

I can’t say this is the best thing to look forward to, but death is a reality. This is an opportunity for you to speak on the behalf of the fallen. You have an opportunity to make them remembered with your words. That, quite literally, could be the final time that person is ever spoken about, outside of immediate relatives. Bet you’re taking this public speaking thing serious now, huh?

public speaking matt kramer tactical talks funeral eulogy

"Well, he paid his bills on time. Umm, yeah, a bill paying son of bleep." - Landlord

11. Share Your Ideas At Work

Scared to speak up at work? What if your idea could save the company money? That could certainly bode well for you. Or maybe you’d prefer your colleague Jimmy “brown-nose” Jones to speak up first. If your idea pans out, it could be ammunition to do this next thing…

matt kramer public speaking fear tactical talks

"I'm smiling because they really liked my idea."

12. Ask For A Raise

Overcoming that dreaded fear of public speaking translates into self-confidence, which in turn allows you to more easily engage in “difficult” conversations. Asking for a raise is a touchy subject, especially having to face your mean boss. But if you can prove your case with a list of your contributions to the company, you might just get one. That's your business, though! This simply gives you the courage to ask

ask raise public speaking fear matt kramer tactical talks

Sooo glad I overcame my fear of public speaking!

13. Pitch Your Idea To Investors Like On Shark Tank

If you’ve watched the show Shark Tank long enough, you know the difference between a bad presentation and a successful one. Granted, even in the case of the bad ones, at least they went for it! Do you have a business idea that could change the world? Are you too nervous to present it to anyone?

14. Say "Hi" To The Camera

The fear of being on camera is the same as the fear of public speaking. The reasons are essentially the same. Video is not going away anytime soon especially since it’s an effective way to communicate with others. Business meetings, live-streaming, webinars, video recording yourself, etc. Remember how Justin Bieber got started? Recording himself singing on YouTube. Overcoming fear of talking in front of others will prepare you for getting in front of the camera as well.

So then...

As you can see, self-confidence is a universal tool that can be applied in many different situations. Some could obviously help you financially. Others can help you change the world by spreading your ideas. It could even help you meet that special person. So many reasons!

All that is needed to get this sacred self-confidence is to overcome the fear of public speaking.

The art of public speaking isn’t just a one trick pony that offers “better communication skills.” It’s a life-challenge that offers a life-changing prize.

Are you done sitting on the sidelines? Start facing your fears today. This can make it easier. 

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