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Get Ready To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking!

  • Step-By-Step Course System to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking
  • Exclusive "Calm-Down" Checklist that you can use to calm yourself down before any speech
  • Organized and intuitive, clickable Course-Outline for EASY navigation and consumption

The Fear of Public Speaking is a BIG Problem...

According to a study done by the National Institute of Mental Health, 74% of people suffer from the fear of public speaking (or "Glossophobia"). And many believe that's a low figure! What the statistic doesn't say is how many opportunities have been lost by that 74%...

​Imagine you knew what to do in order to succeed in your career, whether in your job or business, but not being able to take the first step because of fear. That's what the fear of public speaking does. It holds you back from reaching your true potential. 

​The most common method to combat the fear of public speaking is to simply avoid it altogether. 

Have you ever kept quiet when an opportunity arose, for fear of what you would have to do if you accepted that opportunity? Most people silently say "no" to leadership roles and business opportunities ​because they know they will have to speak in front of people.

Or maybe you've sat in a meeting, and even though you had an idea or an answer, you kept quiet for fear of saying  something "stupid." That's the fear of public speaking working against you. It comes in many different forms.

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"...delivers useful, down-to-earth tips"

"Matt overcame his fear of public speaking – and delivers useful, down-to-earth tips for how you can, too."

- Dr. Peter McGraw (Director of the Humor Research Lab and co-author of The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny)

Picture this...

The host looks you in the eye and calls you up to the front of the room, where you'll have to speak to a room full of your peers. Your heart is pounding. Butterflies are making you feel sick to your stomach; your legs feel like gelatin. Your palms are sweaty, armpits too. Suddenly you've got cotton-mouth and merely opening your mouth is an obstacle. 

Your mind starts flashing scenarios where you fail miserably. Confidence collapses and you begin to question yourself.  "I'm not qualified, why did I agree to do this?" "What if I forget what to say?" "What if they don't like me?" "What if they laugh ?" "What if they find out what a big fraud I am?"

The worst part is you still haven't said a word to the audience. "Would that be worse?" you wonder. 

It's okay if you've experienced this fear. There's nothing to be ashamed of. It's normal actually. 

But just because it's normal doesn't mean you have to suffer. There are methods that actually work.  

It can change your life...

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Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking For GOOD!

Not only will you get actionable steps you can use for your very next speech, but you'll also get the tools to overcome this fear for good! This course is much more than just a band-aid solution.

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Say "YES" To 
Opportunities That You Would Have Passed Up

No longer will you run away from opportunities that could advance your career. No longer will you say "no" to speaking opportunities to promote your business. No longer will you stay silent when you have something to say. Opportunities will be yours

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Build Confidence You Can Take Anywhere

When you overcome this fear, not only will you be able to capitalize on more speaking opportunities, but you'll gain tremendous self-confidence. This means you will be capable of facing any obstacle in life.

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"It's a thoroughgoing, useful, fun guide to this basic terror we all face."

"Whether you're a perfectionist or not, to overcome your fear of speaking in public read Matt Kramer's The Perfectionist's Guide to Public Speaking. It's a thoroughgoing, useful, fun guide to this basic terror we all face."

- Nick Morgan (Author of Power Cues and President of Public Words, Inc.)
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" hits the target dead on for nervous speakers."

“The advice is straightforward and valuable. I enjoyed the tone and think it hits the target dead on for nervous speakers.”

- Matt Abrahams (Author of Speaking Up Without Freaking Out)

This Course Was Built Out of Necessity...

"Nothing  was  working..."

Back in 2013 I joined a Toastmasters club to improve my public speaking skills. Unfortunately, I learned something completely different.

I learned that I had a severe case of "glossophobia." I was deathly afraid of public speaking, especially standing in front of people and being vulnerable. Specifically, I didn't want to make a mistake and end up looking foolish. 

In the beginning I figured it was normal since I was a full-blown introvert, and that getting experience would eventually prevail. Besides, everyone I asked told me the cure was "experience, experience, EXPERIENCE!" 

The thing is, I was getting experience. Every single week I would stand before a live audience and face my fears, in hopes of finally overcoming them. But it didn't get easier! I couldn't figure out why. ​In fact, it was getting worse because a sense of hopelessness started setting in.

I read books, listened to podcasts, sought out experienced speakers for advice...none of it helped. ​

​For 7 months I suffered without a single breakthrough moment. Not once during that period did I leave a Toastmasters meeting thinking, "Gee, I felt less nervous this time around!"

That's when I realized something important, that experience alone isn't the "cure." And that realization was the birth of this course.

From that point on I began ruthlessly experimenting with new methods and techniques to find what worked. The goal? To build a system that anyone could use to overcome this debilitating fear.

Finally the system is here... ​

A Complete System That Works:

Free Yourself From The Tribe

One of the root causes of public speaking anxiety is the fear of what others will think or say about us. It's a real and normal fear. We don't want to be shunned by the "tribe" for fear of being banished, and alone. 

Many experts theorize that this deep-rooted fear goes way back to the time of the caveman. There was strength in numbers and if you were banished from the tribe, there was a real threat to your survival. 

  • You will learn how to shield your mind from the criticism of others (both real and imagined) 
  • You'll discover 2 of the easiest and most effective exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home, and even before ever stepping in front of an audience. These exercises will grow your inner-confidence, which will give you the necessary courage to conquer your fear of public speaking 

Preparation On Steroids

Preparation is the foundation which breeds confidence. On the other hand, lack of preparation intensifies speech nervousness. But what type of preparation is required? Some think it only means practicing your speech content, but there's much more to it than that... 

  • Included is an Action Guide with 8 crucial preparation steps that will alleviate speech anxiety   
  • Discover what you need to prepare, but also WHY it's necessary

Fear of Forgetting What To Say?

Fear of forgetting. Mind going blank. "Ummm, what was I going to say?" This is yet another one of the most common causes for public speaking fear. The good news is that there are multiple methods for overcoming it.    

  • Hear an actual story of when I forgot my speech, and what I did to prevent it from ever happening again...  
  • Discover a proven technique used by competitors in the World Memory Championship for how to remember the content of your speech (amazingly simple)
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"...loaded with practical ideas"

“This fast-moving, helpful book is loaded with practical ideas to help you speak more persuasively and with greater power.”

- Brian Tracy (Author – Speak to Win)
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"Matt Kramer is clear in his exercises and examples on controlling fear"

“...a must-have for anyone who takes speaking seriously. Matt Kramer is clear in his exercises and examples on controlling fear, practice techniques and more. The Perfectionist’s Guide provides the tools necessary to speak with confidence and precision. It is a must read for new speakers and a grinding stone for seasoned speakers seeking to sharpen their saw.”

- Dwayne Smith (2002 World Champion Of Public Speaking)
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"...easy-to-apply tips for managing your fear"

"Chock-full of valuable, easy-to-apply tips for managing your fear of public speaking."

- Jeremey Donovan (Author of "How to Deliver a TED Talk")

This Is What You’ll Get...

Full access to the course assets below:
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"Everything You Need To Release Your Fear of Public Speaking"

Here's a detailed breakdown of what's inside:

  • Over 2 hours and 50 minutes of action-packed course audio (INSTANT Downloadable MP3 files)
  • Clickable Course Outline for easy navigation AND the Complete Dowload of the audio files and PDFs
  • Step-By-Step System to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking 
  • 23 pages of valuable Action Guides (Downloadable PDF files)
  • Calm-Down CHECKLIST for fast review (PDF)
  • Over 12 months of pure dedication producing this course! 

There's a reason Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for The Soul and motivational speaker, said "Everything you want is on the other side of fear." Are you ready to find out what's on the other side

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"...great content, great tips"

"A lot of great content, great tips, and ALMOST as good my book, The Message of You."

- Judy Carter (Author of The Comedy Bible and The Message of You)
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"...everyone will benefit from this"

"A powerful book packed with strategies for powerful speaking...not just for perfectionists; everyone will benefit from this."

- Akash Karia (#1 Bestselling Author of 23 Storytelling Techniques from TED Talks)
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"...great depth on how fear plays a huge part into public speaking and how to defeat it."

"Matt takes you into the world of overcoming the anxiety and nervousness of public speaking. Very educational and informative with great healthy tips. He goes into great depth on how fear plays a huge part into public speaking and how to defeat it."

- Joe Rodriguez (Speaker and Author of 25 To A Happy Life)

If Not Now, Then When? There's
No Time Like Now

There's a tendency to put things off until tomorrow

I've been guilty of it. We all have. There's just one big problem with procrastination in this case: Opportunities will continue to elude you, because this fear will continue to imprison you.  

You may believe your situation is "different" and that you "can't" possibly overcome this fear. My own experience and the countless people I've witnessed transform themselves, well, we'd beg to differ. In fact, this course was created FOR the EXTREME cases of fear

8 years ago I talked to a friend about learning how to program or "code" software. We told each other how great a skill it would be and how it could help us launch our careers.

A year went by and I hadn't done a single thing toward learning how to code. By the end of the year my friend had created 2 software apps. Not only had he learned, but he had already started putting his new skill to work.

I ran into him a few years later and we talked about how he managed to develop his skill so quickly, and how I, well, quit. This was his great "secret." He said "Matt, the time is going to pass regardless. The difference between 15 minutes a day toward a goal and doing nothing, is everything." I'll never forget those words.

Imagine what you stand to lose by doing nothing. After all, the time is going to pass regardless...  

What You’ll Get...

  • Proven System to Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking 
  • Build Massive Self-Confidence
  • 2 Hours and 50 Minutes of Action-Packed Course Audio
  • Action Guides & Ultimate Calm-Down Checklist!

Entire course for only:

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It's YOUR time now!  

Workshops and coaches can cost several hundred or even thousands of dollars. 

Do it right the first time and get the course that will get the job done once and for all

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"This is a complete system that if followed and implemented, will guarantee that you overcome your fear of public speaking."

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"...he truly covers everything from beginning to end"

“Matt's book is well-titled. He truly covers everything from beginning to end of a successful speech in the manner of a neurotic perfectionist that allows nothing to escape his attention. In the best way, of course. There are many books that purport to teach public speaking, and this one actually does the job.”

- Patrick King (Author of Fearless Public Speaking and CHATTER: Small Talk, Charisma, and How to Talk to Anyone)


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