How to Get the Hell Out of Loserville

Change Your Life and Accomplish More Than You Ever Thought Possible

How would you like to…?

  • Take full responsibility for where you are in life?
  • Stop coasting and start taking cold-blooded action toward completing your goals?
  • Control the direction of your life instead of leaving it up to chance?
  • Accomplish more than you ever imagined you were capable of?
  • Be in complete control of your time?
  • Quit beating yourself up for making mistakes?
  • Get the hell out of Loserville and never look back?

About the author...

"if you dare to want more in life... "

The author, Matt Kramer, formerly a world-renowned underachiever who coasted through life at every turn, takes you through 65 principles that helped him transform his life and get him the hell out of Loserville. After reading this book, you'll know that you too can achieve more in life than you ever thought possible. Bottom line, if you're tired of being stuck in a perpetual rut, if you dare to want more in life, this book can show you the way. 

Here's what's inside...

  • Why yo​​​​u need to confront a major fear
  • How you can build the courage needed to take action in life
  • How to discover what you’re good at (and what you suck at!)
  • Where to find competent freelancers to save you time
  • Why discrimination is a good thing!
  • How to overcome “Partner Syndrome”
  • How to motivate yourself any day, any time
  • Tricks to become the most productive version of yourself
  • How to learn just about anything without having to go to college to do it
  • And much more including at least one good joke
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