How To Use Visualizations To Free Yourself From Negativity

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One thing that’s sure to limit our potential as human beings, is worrying about what people think about us.Terry Cole-Whittaker wrote a wonderfully-titled book called What You Think of Me is None of My Business.Damn straight it’s not…at least it shouldn’t be.The nature of growing up in packs (communities), such as going through school, church, or even playing sports, has … Read More

Only Talk To ONE Person In The Audience & Forget Everyone Else!

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There are hundreds of techniques designed to calm your nerves before a speech.Many are unique, if not border-line stupid, such as sliding a rubber band on your wrist to self-mutilate when you sense anxiety creeping up (the pain is meant to distract you from the fear). Interesting…Well, a big reason public speaking creates a butterfly mating ground in our stomach is … Read More

You Should Go Before Your Next Presentation

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No, I don’t mean go to the bathroom. Actually, you probably should…separate issue though. What I mean is that you should go to your special place. Do you have one you can take yourself to at a moment’s notice? A place that does not allow the intrusion of worry or fear? It’s a high-powered tool to have in your arsenal of life. The … Read More