Tactical Analysis of 2007 Champion of Public Speaking: Vikas Jhingran

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Speech Breakdown and Analysis for the 2007 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking, Vikas Jhingran! Vikas Jhingran gave a lively speech full of championship data. Simply put, this speech deserves to be studied! Each breakdown brings with it a new technique or perspective that differs from the others, and that’s what makes them so valuable if your goal is to become … Read More

Your Face Is A Public Speaker

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Have you ever met someone with a dehydrated sense of humor? Where you couldn’t quite tell if they were joking or not because of their deadpanned face, which caused you to freeze up on your response. Should you laugh? Should you be offended? Inside you’re asking yourself, “is this person serious?” In other words, there was some confusion. I have a dry sense … Read More