Tactical Talks TOP 5: The Best Public Speaking Articles On The Web – Vol. #7

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Each month I will scour the interwebz looking for the best articles on public speaking.

I'll be looking for topics like these:

  • Overcoming the fear of public speaking
  • Presentation tips
  • Body language and other technical speaking tips
  • And anything in between...

I'm looking for the interesting, the fascinating, the practical, and anything with worthwhile information to help you become a better communicator. ​

The best of the freaking best!

The purpose is to save you time. A lot of what's out there can get repetitive and end up wasting your time.

Don't worry, though, I'm doing the scavenging so you don't have to. It will ALL be right here for you.

Grab some greasy onion rings and let's get started! 

1. Cheat Sheet To Become A Better Public Speaker

This is a fantastic "Cheat Sheet" for getting better at public speaking. There are a couple I completely disagree with such as preparing in front of a mirror and worrying too much about gesturing (naturally is best), but for the most part it's spot on. Not bad author. Check it out.  

2. Five New Ways To Ease The Fear Of Public Speaking

By now you know I like to talk about overcoming the fear of public speaking, so it's no surprise that I picked this article. These 5 steps are of serious importance. Are they "new"? Depends on who you talk to. I'd say they are talked about in a "new" way. But, it doesn't matter how many times a subject gets covered, especially when it's important! Check out these 5 steps from Nick Morgan

3. Business Students Practice Public Speaking In Front Of Dogs

You read that correctly. Dogs. I have no experience in Dog Lecturing but it doesn't mean that it doesn't work! If you have a dog, I'd say it's worth a try. I doubt your dog will criticize you like a human might...unless you forget the bacon. Here's the story

4. 3 Tips For TED Speakers (and anyone else giving a talk)

This article is the essence of what makes good public speaking. It's short and respecting of your time. Just 3 steps. Daniel Pink gave a great TED Talk about motivation, so he knows a little bit about the topic of public speaking. Check out the article here

5. Samsung Thinks VR Can Help Deal With Fear Of Public Speaking

This is getting talked about more and more, Virtual Reality + Public Speaking. Does it have a future? Only time will tell. I believe it will have its place in helping introduce someone to public speaking. Better than talking to a wall; not quite the real deal. Ultimately, though, fear is a mental thing, and that is why I believe this has potential. Check out the article

That's it for this edition of Tactical Talks Top 5. If you have a worthy article, get in touch for a chance to have it featured in next month's edition. Until next time!  

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