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I recently read this blog article listing 10 confidence building tips for public speaking. The interesting thing I noticed is that some of them seem more relevant to constructing a speech rather than building confidence. Whatever, still good tips!

But, the last one ignited some of my brain synapses: Create Your Toolkit

You know how sometimes you come across something that you’ve been doing, but that someone else has put a name to? And then you’re like “Hey, I do that!” Then people look at you funny like, “You want a cookie?” You better believe I want a damn cookie.

There are a few things that I always have at the ready when I have a talk to give. Now, I never called it a toolkit…but it’s just been formally named. Thanks article.

It’s all about perspective I guess.

Well, anyways, back to the toolkit. I suggest you have your own, especially during the early stages of your public speaking journey. You’ll most likely grow out of it as you gain experience, but it is a HUGE help during the breaking out phase (when nervousness is fierce).

Here’s what mine included:

  • Dry Mouth Lozenges – Mandarin Mint Flavor (helps activate your salivary glands to fight dry mouth which is a common symptom of public speaking fear)
  • Chapstick (helps activate your crusty-lip glands??)
  • Water
  • Speech notes (on index card listing your main points)


Sorry, it’s not as mystically complex as you probably thought, right?

Maybe you’re affected in different ways like sweaty palms or pits? I’ve never had an issue with sweaty palms, but armpits, that’s affected me before during the real nervous times back when I first started speaking. Simple fix was to use an antiperspirant deodorant instead of regular deodorant. Genius, right? It might be something worthwhile to add to my kit in fact, one of those travel size ones. They’re so cute!

The only downside to having a kit like this is that you don’t want it to become a crutch, something that you feel that you absolutely need.

Why not?

Because what if one day you forget to bring it? You’ve just opened an unnecessary avenue of anxiety.

Treat it as a convenience. Not a superstitious must-have.

But remember, if you stop frequenting my blog, all kinds of scary things will happen during your speaking experiences…don’t you forget it.


P.S. If you want to learn 7 important tips for overcoming the fear of public speaking, sign-up for this report I put together: 7 Ninja “Hacks” To Tame The Fear Of Public Speaking

It’s free and might even work…well, maybe. If nothing else, it’s entertaining!



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