Why You Don’t Need To Burn Yourself With Hot Coals To Build Confidence

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Matt Kramer - Tactical Talks - Public Speaking

Howdy! My name is Matt Kramer and I used to suffer excruciating death when speaking in front of a group, now I LOVE it. Overcoming this fear has changed my life. In less than a year since, I’ve started this website, Tactical Talks, competed and won 3 separate public speaking contests, wrote a book, and spoke at one of the top universities in southern California (SDSU).

And look, I’m not telling you this to “show off.” My purpose is to show you that it’s possible to start doing the things that YOU want to do. And that’s my goal. My focus is to help you overcome the fear of public speaking so you can build the confidence to go after what you want in life.

  • Bill Burns says:

    Great insights! As you said, just starting where you are is the best. I’ve encouraged my students with this: when you’re in a public place such as church, a coffee shop, etc. just meander up to the front, stand there for a moment or two, and look out at the crowd, just to practice experiencing the feeling of being up in front of others. Baby steps like that will lead to big steps in the future. Thanks for sharing, Matt — and super cute kid! (We have a photo of me with our oldest as a tiny tot; the photo was supposed to be just him, but he wouldn’t go for it either, till I got in there with him!)

  • Matt says:

    You hit the jackpot with this Bill: “…just to practice experiencing the feeling of being up in front of others.”

    I always teach that before you give a presentation, you should always find a way to get in front of the audience BEFORE the actual presentation. Stand there and soak it in. It acclimates your body and mind to that “feeling” and gives you more control when it is your turn to speak.

    Post that pic on your next blog!