Tactical Analysis of 1991 Champion of Public Speaking: Dave Ross

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Speech Breakdown and Analysis for the 1991 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking, Dave Ross! Dave Ross gave a​ speech full of championship data. Each breakdown I do brings with it a new technique or perspective that differs from the rest, and that’s what makes them so valuable if your goal is to become a better speaker or speech writer. There … Read More

Tactical Analysis of the 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking: Darren LaCroix

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New Speech Breakdown for the 2001 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking, Darren LaCroix! Darren LaCroix delivered the most humorous speech I’ve analyzed to date. Not only that, he combined that humor to form one of the most complex speeches I’ve ever dissected. You do not want skip this one! Each breakdown I do brings with it a new technique or perspective … Read More

The Loss Of A Wise Man

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This month the world lost a wise soul. A copywriter, an architect, and a speaker you couldn’t help but want to listen to. His name is John Rollow. Think of an Albus Dumbledore, or a Gandalf, or even Abbé Faria from The Count of Monte Cristo. John had one of the most memorable voices I had ever encountered—resonant and full of … Read More

Toastmasters Judgement Day: My Final Speech

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**Be sure to check out PARTS 1, 2, 3 of the speech contest journey** And now we’ve arrived at the District contest. Judgement Day! This is the last contest before going to the the big dance—the Toastmasters International Convention. That’s where the semi-finals and the finals go down.No pressure :/The preparation leading up to this level was intense. Apart from practicing my … Read More

My Experience In A Toastmasters Speech Contest – Part 1

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toastmasters public speaking tactical talks speech contest journey matt kramer

Some days suck. We’ve prepared our speech, we’re ready to go, but for some reason our mind and body start to go all wacky. We feel physically weak. All the negative “what-ifs” start flickering about. These are the days we silently wish would never come. This happened to me on the day of the Toastmasters club speech contest for the Toastmasters International Speech Contest—the starting point in an … Read More

Are Toastmasters Speech Evaluations Any Good?

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A Toastmasters meeting has a portion dedicated to evaluating speakers, so I thought I’d dedicate a portion of my own to that very subject. Such evaluations can range from good, to not so good.Evaluations: Let’s talk about the good first. Because you are focused on delivering a speech, combating nerves, etc., it’s hard to evaluate yourself while you’re speaking. And probably … Read More

“Just Do It” To Overcome Public Speaking Fear? IT SUCKS!

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public speaking - tactical talks - just do it

  I’m convinced that the most popular advice on how to overcome the fear of public speaking…SUCKS! A couple of months back during a speaking panel I heard “just do it” again from a self-proclaimed (nothing wrong with this by the way!) communications expert. I think that people who toss out this advice simply don’t remember what it was like when they … Read More