Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Speech Gets Dissected!

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I’ve been seeing a lot of speech critiques lately. With the political chicken-wings flapping around, I guess I can understand why.One on Hillary Clinton. Another on Michelle Obama. And don’t forget about Donald Trump.Well, I’ve had just about enough of that! The only thing those kinds of speeches are good for is if you want to watch the same person debate … Read More

You May Not Be Rambo But You Have Important Life Stories

Matt KramerPublic Speaking, Storytelling

Do you have stories worth telling?Short answer…YES. If you’re alive, you’ve got stories. If you’re dead, I’m sorry for your loss.Just because you know your stories and have replayed them in your mind hundreds of times, and now YOU’RE bored of them, doesn’t mean that others will think so, too. Humans like drama, and you’ve got some. We all do. An no, … Read More

Public Speaking: Cut The Crap And Stay On Topic

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topic focus - public speaking

“Get to the freakin’ point!” or “Stay on topic!” You’ve probably heard that before—it’s good advice. It takes some serious discipline, though. The trouble is we might not even realize that we’re shifting off topic. I used to think every detail that I could remember about a situation, needed to be told! My apologies to everyone who had to struggle through my … Read More

How To Transform Your Story Into An Actual Message

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public speaking - story

  Now, today is the day that you learn how to turn your life stories into messages that can change lives. Remember last week when we talked about sifting through your life to find stories? If not, please do. I’ll just sit here and wait for you. No worries. My time isn’t important… Back yet? …still waiting. Great, you’re back! … Read More