Public Speaking Staple: Do This ONE Thing Before Your Next Speech And Become CEO of FEAR Inc.

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  Do you agree that breaking bad habits is merciless? Would you also agree that nervousness due to public speaking is equally grueling to overcome? I certainly do.   You want to know what will make it even more painful? Not getting enough sleep. You’ve probably heard about the importance of sleep your entire life. Perhaps from mommy or daddy? Your doctor? … Read More

The 3 F’s of Fear

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  What we generally describe as “stage-fright” or the fear of public speaking, is actually much more specific. The fears can be broken down. One by one. And obliterated. Why do you think you are afraid to get up and speak in front of an audience? Most people know it’s scary, but usually have no specific reason why. It’s like skydiving–we … Read More

The Most Important Promise You Could Ever Make

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  Promises are important. The ones we make to our friends, our family, and even our pets are very important, and we should probably do our best to keep them. But what about promises to yourself? Ya, those…they are of killer importance, and they happen to be the most important promises you could make. So then, here’s the promise I urge you to make. Promise yourself … Read More

Your Public Speaking “Toolkit”

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  I recently read this blog article listing 10 confidence building tips for public speaking. The interesting thing I noticed is that some of them seem more relevant to constructing a speech rather than building confidence. Whatever, still good tips! But, the last one ignited some of my brain synapses: Create Your Toolkit You know how sometimes you come across something that you’ve been doing, but … Read More

Reading Your Audience

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Have you ever seen an audience member with a stone-cold face? Expressionless and even borderline indignant? This is quite common. And while the title of this post is Reading Your Audience, another title that would work is Don’t Read Too Much Into Your Audience’s Expressions. Seeing faces like that instantly makes you think that they are not enjoying your speech or … Read More

Tactical Talks – The Beginning!

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  First off, let me start out by telling you who this website is NOT for: It’s not for people who are perfect. It’s not for those who are oblivious to their internal thoughts and fears about public speaking or any other challenges that stretch their comfort zones. It’s not for those mythical souls who don’t fear public speaking…or claim … Read More