How To Use Visualizations To Free Yourself From Negativity

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One thing that’s sure to limit our potential as human beings, is worrying about what people think about us.Terry Cole-Whittaker wrote a wonderfully-titled book called What You Think of Me is None of My Business.Damn straight it’s not…at least it shouldn’t be.The nature of growing up in packs (communities), such as going through school, church, or even playing sports, has … Read More

Tactical Talks TOP 5: The Best Public Speaking Articles On The Web – Vol. #5

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ROUND 5 OF SCAVENGING BEGINS! Each month I will scour the interwebz looking for the best articles on public speaking.I’ll be looking for topics like these:Overcoming the fear of public speakingPresentation tipsBody language and other technical speaking tipsAnd anything in between…I’m looking for the interesting, the fascinating, the practical, and anything with worthwhile information to help you become a better communicator. … Read More

Why You Don’t Need To Burn Yourself With Hot Coals To Build Confidence

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Thanks for watching! Please share or I’ll throw hot coals at you!  About this guy… Howdy! My name is Matt Kramer and I used to suffer excruciating death when speaking in front of a group, now I LOVE it. Overcoming this fear has changed my life. In less than a year since, I’ve started this website, Tactical Talks, competed and … Read More

Why Fear Is Good For Public Speaking (It’s Outrageous)

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I’m sure you’ve heard that people fear public speaking more than death.  Lately I’ve been hearing that it’s a bogus stat, but that’s beside the point. The fact that the two get compared at all gives the fear of public speaking a serious legitimacy.Just to be clear of what were talking about, it also gets called glossophobia, speech anxiety, or even “performance anxiety.” … Read More

FEAR: Do You Accept Or Reject?

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Wouldn’t this world be a lot better if everyone was more accepting? Accepting of others, sure, but also accepting of one’s own feelings, emotions, physical sensations of the body, etc. This is what we’re going to talk about. An example that illustrates this for me is when I first started running. When I’d run up a hill, as soon as the … Read More

“Just Do It” To Overcome Public Speaking Fear? IT SUCKS!

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  I’m convinced that the most popular advice on how to overcome the fear of public speaking…SUCKS! A couple of months back during a speaking panel I heard “just do it” again from a self-proclaimed (nothing wrong with this by the way!) communications expert. I think that people who toss out this advice simply don’t remember what it was like when they … Read More

What Is Life to You?

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WARNING: Today’s post is going to be all over the place. Give yourself an electrical IV with the refrigerator power cord and try to keep up. What is life to you? Why the hell are we on this dirt encrusted boulder? What’s the point? Why should we get up in the morning every day and do stuff? Why are things … Read More

Tactical Talks Interview – Matt Kramer Interviews Joe Rodriguez

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*Disclaimer: Raw audio quality. Deal with it 🙂 This Tactical Talks Interview is with Joe Rodriguez. Joe is the MAN when it comes to ACTION. Forget perfect. “Get it out there” is his motto. During this interview you’ll get:  – Joe’s #1 tip for new speakers – What Joe does to overcome nervousness before speaking – How to remember your … Read More