Tactical Analysis of 1995 World Champion of Public Speaking: Mark Brown

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mark brown toastmasters champion 1995 matt kramer tactical talks speech breakdown analysis public speaking review

Speech Breakdown and Analysis for the 1995 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking, Mark Brown! Mark Brown centered his speech around a Disney classic and delivered a speech full of that sweet championship data. Each breakdown brings with it a new technique or perspective that differs from the rest, and that’s what makes them so valuable if your goal is to … Read More

You May Not Be Rambo But You Have Important Life Stories

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Do you have stories worth telling?Short answer…YES. If you’re alive, you’ve got stories. If you’re dead, I’m sorry for your loss.Just because you know your stories and have replayed them in your mind hundreds of times, and now YOU’RE bored of them, doesn’t mean that others will think so, too. Humans like drama, and you’ve got some. We all do. An no, … Read More