This Is Why It’s Okay To Change Mid-Speech

Matt KramerOvercoming Fear, Public Speaking2 Comments

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Imagine you’re speaking to an audience of human beings that are pretending to be life-sized cardboard cutouts. What can you do?You can change, that’s what! If something doesn’t work at the beginning, it’s okay to change. Even if you’ve planned on tying it to your ending. You’re not chained to something just because you’ve planned it.I gave a speech a few months back and I … Read More

Your OWN Story: Authenticity Reigns Supreme

Matt KramerPublic Speaking3 Comments

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Have you ever listened to someone give a speech or tell a story that just didn’t feel authentic? It ain’t pretty. Why would a presenter choose to tell made up stories or deliver information that they just aren’t qualified to give? An example would be if I re-told a story that I heard from someone else but substituted myself as … Read More