6 Steps To A Successful Mentor Relationship

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2 weeks ago at the Toastmasters Leadership Institute, I sat and watched a keynote speech on mentorship. It was about what it takes to have a successful mentor/mentee relationship.  Mentorship is not a new concept to me, but I had never thought of it from both sides of the equation. After all, it is a two-way relationship. It takes two to tango. … Read More

Do You Fear Public Speaking? You Should Probably Know About The Confidence Hat…

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Confidence: What exactly does that mean? It’s always been an ambiguous word to me, in line with the likes of “success” or “business orientated technical solution mechanisms.” Used so much we’ve developed a blindness to it—a worn out cliché riding on the coattails of its former self. That’s all it ever was to me. And why not? It’s not a physical, tangible … Read More

An Ugly, Straightforward Way To Live Happier

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I finally found the secret to a happy life, and even a happy world. Get your pad and pen ‘cause you’re going to want to write this down.Oh…my…god (in my best valley girl voice)! It’s so incredible!Here goes.The secret to a happy life is…Get ready……being productive.Can you say anticlimactic? Sorry. I told you it was ugly. I’ll cue up the … Read More

The Most Neglected And Overlooked Detail When Setting Goals

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It’s early in the year. You’re fired up right? I hope so, because it’s barely the end of week one! You’ve probably been seeing articles all over the place about setting goals in 2016. Stomach one more? For me? Please… Thanks! You’re too kind. Okay, chances are you’ve at least made an attempt at setting some goal for this year. … Read More

How Damned Difficult Is Public Speaking?

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  The amount of people that show up to a Toastmasters club meeting (a place to practice public speaking) and say they’ll be joining is incredible. You know what else is incredible? The amount who never show up again. Then, there are others who go one step closer to facing their fears. They’ll fill out applications to join, turn them in, and say they’ll … Read More

The Most Important Promise You Could Ever Make

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  Promises are important. The ones we make to our friends, our family, and even our pets are very important, and we should probably do our best to keep them. But what about promises to yourself? Ya, those…they are of killer importance, and they happen to be the most important promises you could make. So then, here’s the promise I urge you to make. Promise yourself … Read More

Tactical Talks – The Beginning!

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  First off, let me start out by telling you who this website is NOT for: It’s not for people who are perfect. It’s not for those who are oblivious to their internal thoughts and fears about public speaking or any other challenges that stretch their comfort zones. It’s not for those mythical souls who don’t fear public speaking…or claim … Read More