The BEST Type of Feedback You Can Give

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​When you get feedback in general, it’s usually difficult to come to grips with it.  Part of it depends on who is giving it, how it is being delivered, and one other thing that is particularly deadly: ambiguity  Criticism or feedback can do more harm than good if the person receiving it doesn’t know what specifically to do in order … Read More

Are Toastmasters Speech Evaluations Any Good?

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A Toastmasters meeting has a portion dedicated to evaluating speakers, so I thought I’d dedicate a portion of my own to that very subject. Such evaluations can range from good, to not so good.Evaluations: Let’s talk about the good first. Because you are focused on delivering a speech, combating nerves, etc., it’s hard to evaluate yourself while you’re speaking. And probably … Read More

Public Speaking Advice That You Must Watch Out For

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Advice and constructive criticism are supposed to make you stronger, right?The thing is, that’s not always true.People have a tendency to pass around what they like…with little or no thought to whether it fits the person they’re giving it to.I’m not a huge fan of visual aids, but I would never tell anyone not to use them. Some people would though.They’d say, … Read More