The Ultimate Reason Why You Should Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my mission on this planet (and this site!). How do you explain to someone a feeling or a frame of mind that they’ve never experienced? How can you articulate the real power behind something life-changing?For starters, here it is in words: To help others overcome the fear of public speaking so they can … Read More

Pain’s A Pal

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  I hated the feeling I got when I knew I was just moments away from having to stand in front of a room full of people and say…stuff. Public speaking. Scary to even think about, right? I dreaded doing it. I almost packed it in 7 months after joining Toastmasters (a sort of workshop dedicated to helping you become a … Read More

Do You Fear Public Speaking? You Should Probably Know About The Confidence Hat…

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Confidence: What exactly does that mean? It’s always been an ambiguous word to me, in line with the likes of “success” or “business orientated technical solution mechanisms.” Used so much we’ve developed a blindness to it—a worn out cliché riding on the coattails of its former self. That’s all it ever was to me. And why not? It’s not a physical, tangible … Read More

Is Public Speaking Fear Too Much To Handle For Most People?

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The past several weeks I’ve been uninspired.  Procrastination has been my top adviser. Not really sure why. Perhaps it’s that life is and will always be a goliath-sized roller coaster full of ups and downs.  Straight up…I’ve been contemplating whether or not this is the right path for me. Is there enough interest? Are there enough like-minded individuals that can … Read More

You Don’t Stand A Chance of Becoming A “Better Speaker” Unless You Do This

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Want to know a terrible goal? “Becoming a better speaker” Horrible I tell ya. It was my very first goal when I decided to jump into public speaking. It was a sad excuse for a goal.  When you want to progress in speaking, you need momentum.And you can’t get momentum by having broad goals. You can definitely decide that you want to be … Read More

Why You Don’t Need To Burn Yourself With Hot Coals To Build Confidence

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Thanks for watching! Please share or I’ll throw hot coals at you!  About this guy… Howdy! My name is Matt Kramer and I used to suffer excruciating death when speaking in front of a group, now I LOVE it. Overcoming this fear has changed my life. In less than a year since, I’ve started this website, Tactical Talks, competed and … Read More

Public Speaking Therapy

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Have you ever thought about hiring a therapist? If so, I’ve got a proposition for you: Why not choose public speaking instead? No, you don’t get a cool couch to lie down on while someone pokes into your drama, but forget that. Humor me and I’ll make it worth your while. Here are 6 reasons why I’m convinced that public speaking is an effective form of therapy and why you … Read More

Are You Honest With The Person That Matters Most?

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  “And the TRUTH shall set you FREEEEE!” – Jim Carrey in Liar Liar. “You can’t handle the truth!” – Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men. …Enough with the movies already! Have you ever done something and hit a plateau? Where you wanted to get better at this something, but you just couldn’t get beyond a certain point? The reality is, you … Read More

How Damned Difficult Is Public Speaking?

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  The amount of people that show up to a Toastmasters club meeting (a place to practice public speaking) and say they’ll be joining is incredible. You know what else is incredible? The amount who never show up again. Then, there are others who go one step closer to facing their fears. They’ll fill out applications to join, turn them in, and say they’ll … Read More