How Constant Challenge Can Change Your Life

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Do you challenge yourself on purpose?I’m referring to any activity that puts a beat down on you. Perhaps physically? Maybe mentally? Even emotionally? All of the above?There are fitness exercises, memory games like this one, bikini waxes (ouch!), trying to sit down for an extended period of time without thinking (meditation), public speaking, cold showers, rock climbing, skydiving, and so many … Read More

This Is Why It’s Okay To Change Mid-Speech

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Imagine you’re speaking to an audience of human beings that are pretending to be life-sized cardboard cutouts. What can you do?You can change, that’s what! If something doesn’t work at the beginning, it’s okay to change. Even if you’ve planned on tying it to your ending. You’re not chained to something just because you’ve planned it.I gave a speech a few months back and I … Read More