How Constant Challenge Can Change Your Life

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Do you challenge yourself on purpose?I’m referring to any activity that puts a beat down on you. Perhaps physically? Maybe mentally? Even emotionally? All of the above?There are fitness exercises, memory games like this one, bikini waxes (ouch!), trying to sit down for an extended period of time without thinking (meditation), public speaking, cold showers, rock climbing, skydiving, and so many … Read More

Do You Rattle Your Comfort Cage?

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  Get out your little GPS contraption and search out a challenge that frightens you. Next step…beat the sh*t out of it. And I’m not talkin’ about your GPS. Rattle your damn comfort cage—violently. The challenge doesn’t even have to be something that you’re passionate it about, or even something that on the surface relates to your path in life. We’re after something … Read More

What You Should Never Forget

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  There are times that I’ve forgotten my roots. Unfortunately, it happens.   What roots, you ask? The basic principles and fundamentals of public speaking that I labored to grasp. The ones that were necessary to shed my fear and improve as a speaker. It’s easy to get caught up in the fleeting nuances of life and forget to send … Read More