Tactical Talks TOP 5! The Best Public Speaking Articles On The Web – Vol. #13

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Each month I will scour the interwebz looking for the best articles on public speaking.

I'll be looking for topics like these:

  • Overcoming the fear of public speaking
  • Presentation tips
  • Body language and other technical speaking tips
  • Building self-confidence
  • And anything in between...

I'm looking for the interesting, the fascinating, the practical, and anything with worthwhile information to help you become a better communicator. ​

The best of the freaking best!

The purpose is to save you time. A lot of what's out there can get repetitive and end up wasting your time.

Don't worry, though, I'm doing the scavenging so you don't have to. It will ALL be right here for you.

Grab a canister of honey-flavored bacon grease and start reading...

1. Mindfulness Can Make You a Better Presenter and Public Speaker

Mindfulness! When speaking, it's common to think way too much about yourself. Self-conscious thoughts are a barrier between you and the audience. If all you think about is yourself and how you look in the eyes of the audience, how can you possibly be authentic? This article by Maurice DeCastro goes into depth about the benefits of mindfulness and it offers a step-by-step practice exercise that you can use before your next speech. Check it out here

2. The Best TED Speakers Practice This 1 Habit Before Taking the Stage

This article by Carmine Gallo, author of many great public speaking books, talks about a speaking habit that is crucial. Practicing is one thing when you recite, recite, recite while talking your cat, but what happens when the pressure increases? Make sure you're doing this when preparing for your next speech. Here's the article.     

3. 62 Tips on Crushing Public Speaking

Excellent article by Sol Orwell that goes over pretty much everything that it takes to become a better public speaker. It covers things such as practice, slides, preparation, during the speech, clothing, Q&A, after that, etc. Very thorough and there's no doubt you will learn something, no matter your current skill level. Check out the article here.  

4. Public speaking: six reasons to fight the fear

There are many reasons that make overcoming the fear of public speaking worth the effort. I even wrote a post about details 14 reasons why. I apparently left some out because Filomena Fanelli with Impact PR & Communications talks about several more. I sure as hell support anybody or any reason that convinces people to take up public speaking! The simple reason is that it can change your life. Check out the article here and get convinced. 

5. Richard Branson's top tips for public speaking

Richard Branson and I go wayyyyy back. Okay, not really. But he has some damn good advice when it comes to public speaking. I imagine he's had to do a few speeches in his lifetime. I've stumbled across several articles from him (or inspired by him) and he's always talking about being authentic versus preparing a scripted speech. In this article he goes over a few reasons why, and I agree with them completely. Especially with the fact that having a scripted speech creates undue stress. Here's the article.  

That's it for this edition of Tactical Talks Top 5. If you have a worthy article, get in touch for a chance to have it featured in next month's edition. Until next time!

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