Tactical Talks TOP 5: The Best Public Speaking Articles On The Web – Vol. #4

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Each month I will scour the interwebz looking for the best articles on public speaking.

I'll be looking for topics like these:

  • Overcoming the fear of public speaking
  • Presentation tips
  • Body language and other technical speaking tips
  • And anything in between...

I'm looking for the interesting, the fascinating, the practical, and anything with worthwhile information to help you become a better communicator. ​

The best of the freaking best!

The purpose is to save you time. A lot of what's out there can get repetitive and end up wasting your time.

Don't worry, though, I'm doing the scavenging so you don't have to. It will ALL be right here for you.

Grab a hot dog and start reading.

1. 11 Mental Tricks To Help Conquer Fears

These aren't specifically for public speaking, but practically all of them can help with overcoming the fear of public speaking. Check them out here

2. Star Reporter Zoe McKnight Faces Her Fears

I LOVE THIS ARTICLE! This is exactly what I look for in my monthly articles. The non-corporate ones, the real raw stuff! Zoe describes her public speaking experience from the time leading up to her speech and she even includes a video of the final speech.  

Here's an excerpt:  “After it was over, I was so relieved it felt like I had won the lottery. Many people become hooked after their first storytelling experience, Shandur says. Some find it cathartic. They’ve satisfied the basic human need to be seen and understood.Read it here

3. Try Yoga To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking

YOGA to overcome the fear of public speaking? This short article goes over some Yoga breathing exercises that you can do before your next presentation to calm your nerves.

Solid tips!  

4. 9 Things Learned From TEDx Presentations

A little different take here. But these 9 life lessons can help with your life journey. Here's the article that was published on Entrepreneur.com. 

5. 5 Video Conferencing Fears And How To Overcome Them

If you do meetings by way of video (video conferencing), this article is for you. These go over how to overcome that fear. The funny thing is, they'll also help with public speaking in the flesh. Check it out here

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Matt Kramer - Tactical Talks - Public Speaking

Howdy! My name is Matt Kramer and I used to suffer excruciating death when speaking in front of a group, now I LOVE it. Overcoming this fear has changed my life. In less than a year since, I’ve started this website, Tactical Talks, competed and won 3 separate public speaking contests, wrote a book, and spoke at one of the top universities in southern California (SDSU).

And look, I’m not telling you this to “show off.” My purpose is to show you that it’s possible to start doing the things that YOU want to do. And that’s my goal. My focus is to help you overcome the fear of public speaking so you can build the confidence to go after what you want in life.

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