Your Face Is A Public Speaker

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Have you ever met someone with a dehydrated sense of humor? Where you couldn’t quite tell if they were joking or not because of their deadpanned face, which caused you to freeze up on your response. Should you laugh? Should you be offended? Inside you’re asking yourself, “is this person serious?” In other words, there was some confusion. I have a dry sense … Read More

Public Speaking: Make Time For Timing

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  It is extremely important that you time your presentations. It’s both a courteous thing to do, and it shows that you give a damn. Besides, you’ve probably been given a slot of time with which to work. It’s best not to exceed it. Perhaps you’ve heard that when you prepare for your talk, you should plan for possible laughter or … Read More

What Is Life to You?

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Life - Tactical Talks Public Speaking

WARNING: Today’s post is going to be all over the place. Give yourself an electrical IV with the refrigerator power cord and try to keep up. What is life to you? Why the hell are we on this dirt encrusted boulder? What’s the point? Why should we get up in the morning every day and do stuff? Why are things … Read More

Public Speaking: Have You Ever Thought This?

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  I call it the “Why the heck am I doing this?” feeling. The feeling that would appear when it was dangerously close to presentation time. These used to beat the hell of out me. It would start about two hours before I knew I’d have to give a speech. I’d question it all. What was I thinking agreeing to speak? … Read More

Are You Immune To Criticism?

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Have you ever butted heads with somebody that knew everything? Or rather, pointed out that they knew or did everything better than you and then proceeded to pack your worth into a blender and hit the “crush soul” button? Maybe you just sat and watched as your ideas were ground into puree, or equally sucky, attempted to argue with the all-knowing sage? … Read More

Tactical Tip #2 – Well, sort of…

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Okay…This Tactical Tip doesn’t have much to do with public speaking except that it was a lesson I learned in perseverance… I’m pretty dang sore right now. It’s not as easy as it used to be. Basically, I was hanging out on a nice Sunday afternoon and decided to have some fun.       Be Sociable and Share! – Below are … Read More

Are You Honest With The Person That Matters Most?

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  “And the TRUTH shall set you FREEEEE!” – Jim Carrey in Liar Liar. “You can’t handle the truth!” – Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men. …Enough with the movies already! Have you ever done something and hit a plateau? Where you wanted to get better at this something, but you just couldn’t get beyond a certain point? The reality is, you … Read More

Do You Rattle Your Comfort Cage?

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  Get out your little GPS contraption and search out a challenge that frightens you. Next step…beat the sh*t out of it. And I’m not talkin’ about your GPS. Rattle your damn comfort cage—violently. The challenge doesn’t even have to be something that you’re passionate it about, or even something that on the surface relates to your path in life. We’re after something … Read More