Do You Rattle Your Comfort Cage?

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Get out your little GPS contraption and search out a challenge that frightens you. Next step…beat the sh*t out of it. And I’m not talkin’ about your GPS.

Rattle your damn comfort cage—violently.

The challenge doesn’t even have to be something that you’re passionate it about, or even something that on the surface relates to your path in life. We’re after something different than what the eye can see.

Public speaking is an excellent example of a challenge. The fear it conjures is no joke. Yes, at first it will hurt. A lot.

But I urge you to persist. 

If you do persist, it will still hurt, but the difference is your recovery will be quicker. And the pain (your perception of pain) will start to diminish.

What this means is that it’s possible to build an immunity to what was once an enormous pain-stacle (like an OBstacle hehe).

Now, take that immunity and aim it towards another challenge. Sure, you may still have fear towards other growth tasks at first; however, you will be able to use your new-found immunity (to the original challenge) to control and overcome the fear of this new challenge…and do it much quicker.

For example, I can take the confidence (immunity) gained as a result of overcoming the fear of public speaking, a strenuous morning hill run, and an ice-cold morning shower and then apply those victories towards conquering a new challenge, such as a Brazilian bikini wax. I’ll do it!!! Don’t think I won’t! Okay, probably not.

So anyhow…Get in the habit of seeking out new challenges and acclimating to them quickly. Strangely, these constant pressure situations become the “norm,” and comfort begins to feel too calm (if in a state of comfort for too long). That’s good because it means you’ll want to seek out other avenues to test your new-found immunities.

So, rattle your comfort cage. Hell, shatter it while you’re at it.



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