3 Public Speaking Techniques That Suck

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You want to make a real connection with the audience? There are many ways to do so. There are also many ways to kill it.We’re going to focus on getting rid of the connection killers.I don’t wanna cringe after watching a presentation anymore. I dream of a world where everyone gets up on stage and proudly delivers their message as … Read More

7 Alternatives To Resisting The Fear Of Public Speaking

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Your heart starts pounding, your neck and shoulders begin to tense up, your mouth and thoughts quickly dry up, and you rapidly begin to wonder whether or not you’ve gone completely insane. Because why the hell else would you have agreed to do this?  If that sounds about right, you’re in heavy company. I’d estimate just about all of humanity has felt or feels this way. [A … Read More

Public Speaking: Cut The Crap And Stay On Topic

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“Get to the freakin’ point!” or “Stay on topic!” You’ve probably heard that before—it’s good advice. It takes some serious discipline, though. The trouble is we might not even realize that we’re shifting off topic. I used to think every detail that I could remember about a situation, needed to be told! My apologies to everyone who had to struggle through my … Read More

FEAR: Do You Accept Or Reject?

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Wouldn’t this world be a lot better if everyone was more accepting? Accepting of others, sure, but also accepting of one’s own feelings, emotions, physical sensations of the body, etc. This is what we’re going to talk about. An example that illustrates this for me is when I first started running. When I’d run up a hill, as soon as the … Read More

Public Speaking: Steve Harvey Proved Me Wrong

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  I’ve always advocated that you should NEVER apologize while you have control of the stage. I’ll tell you why. It’s because typically it’s used as an excuse to suck (underwhelm), or because the speaker didn’t feel the need to prepare. They think it absolves them from wasting the audience’s time. But it doesn’t. An example is when the speaker gets up there and says, … Read More

“Just Do It” To Overcome Public Speaking Fear? IT SUCKS!

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  I’m convinced that the most popular advice on how to overcome the fear of public speaking…SUCKS! A couple of months back during a speaking panel I heard “just do it” again from a self-proclaimed (nothing wrong with this by the way!) communications expert. I think that people who toss out this advice simply don’t remember what it was like when they … Read More

Public Speaking Therapy

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public speaking therapy

Have you ever thought about hiring a therapist? If so, I’ve got a proposition for you: Why not choose public speaking instead? No, you don’t get a cool couch to lie down on while someone pokes into your drama, but forget that. Humor me and I’ll make it worth your while. Here are 6 reasons why I’m convinced that public speaking is an effective form of therapy and why you … Read More

Your Face Is A Public Speaker

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Have you ever met someone with a dehydrated sense of humor? Where you couldn’t quite tell if they were joking or not because of their deadpanned face, which caused you to freeze up on your response. Should you laugh? Should you be offended? Inside you’re asking yourself, “is this person serious?” In other words, there was some confusion. I have a dry sense … Read More

Public Speaking: Make Time For Timing

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  It is extremely important that you time your presentations. It’s both a courteous thing to do, and it shows that you give a damn. Besides, you’ve probably been given a slot of time with which to work. It’s best not to exceed it. Perhaps you’ve heard that when you prepare for your talk, you should plan for possible laughter or … Read More