“Just Do It” To Overcome Public Speaking Fear? IT SUCKS!

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  I’m convinced that the most popular advice on how to overcome the fear of public speaking…SUCKS! A couple of months back during a speaking panel I heard “just do it” again from a self-proclaimed (nothing wrong with this by the way!) communications expert. I think that people who toss out this advice simply don’t remember what it was like when they … Read More

Public Speaking: Have You Ever Thought This?

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  I call it the “Why the heck am I doing this?” feeling. The feeling that would appear when it was dangerously close to presentation time. These used to beat the hell of out me. It would start about two hours before I knew I’d have to give a speech. I’d question it all. What was I thinking agreeing to speak? … Read More

Are You Honest With The Person That Matters Most?

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  “And the TRUTH shall set you FREEEEE!” – Jim Carrey in Liar Liar. “You can’t handle the truth!” – Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men. …Enough with the movies already! Have you ever done something and hit a plateau? Where you wanted to get better at this something, but you just couldn’t get beyond a certain point? The reality is, you … Read More

Do You Rattle Your Comfort Cage?

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  Get out your little GPS contraption and search out a challenge that frightens you. Next step…beat the sh*t out of it. And I’m not talkin’ about your GPS. Rattle your damn comfort cage—violently. The challenge doesn’t even have to be something that you’re passionate it about, or even something that on the surface relates to your path in life. We’re after something … Read More

Tactical Talks Interview – Matt Kramer Interviews Joe Rodriguez

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*Disclaimer: Raw audio quality. Deal with it 🙂 This Tactical Talks Interview is with Joe Rodriguez. Joe is the MAN when it comes to ACTION. Forget perfect. “Get it out there” is his motto. During this interview you’ll get:  – Joe’s #1 tip for new speakers – What Joe does to overcome nervousness before speaking – How to remember your … Read More

How Damned Difficult Is Public Speaking?

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  The amount of people that show up to a Toastmasters club meeting (a place to practice public speaking) and say they’ll be joining is incredible. You know what else is incredible? The amount who never show up again. Then, there are others who go one step closer to facing their fears. They’ll fill out applications to join, turn them in, and say they’ll … Read More

Public Speaking Staple: Do This ONE Thing Before Your Next Speech And Become CEO of FEAR Inc.

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sleep public speaking

  Do you agree that breaking bad habits is merciless? Would you also agree that nervousness due to public speaking is equally grueling to overcome? I certainly do.   You want to know what will make it even more painful? Not getting enough sleep. You’ve probably heard about the importance of sleep your entire life. Perhaps from mommy or daddy? Your doctor? … Read More

You Should Go Before Your Next Presentation

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No, I don’t mean go to the bathroom. Actually, you probably should…separate issue though. What I mean is that you should go to your special place. Do you have one you can take yourself to at a moment’s notice? A place that does not allow the intrusion of worry or fear? It’s a high-powered tool to have in your arsenal of life. The … Read More